Q & A

People ask and we ansver.

  1. Q: Is it a heatwave at Mykonos? A: Mykonos – the Island of the Winds – is not usually troubled with heathwaves. It’s a small island exposed to the the sea. When I first came to Greece I noted the untenable heat in Athens and the cool air on Mykonos. The island was like a boat I thought (at 14yr). But it’s always warm in the sun. Orania is a house built from real stone and the walls are thick. You might think ‘mediaval castle’, so it’s naturally quite cool. In addition there is an AC of course. And electric fans. The sea is just below, 1.30 mins away.
  2. Q: Do you recommend getting a rental (car) at the airport? A: Renting at the airport is what we do. If you are comfortable with electric cars, choose one. We have a 16 amps socket that we use for charging ours. Free to use for you!
    Mykonos isn’t a big island, but the roads are narrow and the summertime traffic is heavy. So we find long hikes along the road stressful. A bike? Maybe, but probably not very safe. ๐Ÿ™ There is no busses going to Agios Sostis/Orania.
  3. Q: Is there a nearby supermarket? A: Not really, the closest is about 4.5km away, say 20 mins drive. It’s a ‘Flora’ – where the main road forks to north to Panormos and Agios Sostis. Friendly people and fresh cheeses and meat. We use it a lot. Another ‘Flora’ Supermarket is just as you leave the airport so good for stocking up as you arrive. It’s big, it has an air of quality and variety in all sorts of food and drinks and everything you could possibly need coupled with nice prices! But the Floras isn’t heavy on vegetables. If you need more variety in veggies try the Proton Delos on the way from airport to Orania (map of all 3 supermarkets and the way from the Airport to Orania below.
  4. Q: Are there more than the one sunbed shown in the pictures? A: The are two – twins.
  5. Q: Is there sheets, towels, detergents etc? A: It is provided. Everything will be cleaned after 3 days stay if you want. There is also a washing machine if you need to wash clothes. And all kinds of detergents. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Q: Is the cooking gas powered? A: We have 3 gas burners, and en electric stove. We like to cook, and find we can do everything at Orania.
  7. Q: Where is it, how do we get there? A: Below is a map with the way from the airport to Orania with the mentioned supermarkets on the way marked. Just type Orania in the cars nav – works for us! ๐Ÿ™‚