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Merry Christmas 2023 (In Norwegian…)

Looking at Panormos Bay

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Fish snacking on Wasa (not so) crisp bread just below Orania

Amateur drone flight from Panormos Bay to Lovers Beach and Orania. True colours! (No filters)
View from the small bedroom
View from the 2nd bedroom
From the sea outside the small beach then up the steps to Kicki’s Tavern and further up to Orania
Second Bedroom aka 'the library'
Second Bedroom aka ‘the library’
Panorama look of the southern part of Agios Sostis. Orania is to the north, behind the church
Electric oven and gas for cooking.
Master bedroom viewed from the terrasse.
Both bedrooms have doors to the outside.
Morning has broken
Orania winter morning